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Sharon Jane Gallagher MBACP (Accred); O.A. Dip; D.A.H.Hyp.


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Sharon Jane Gallagher is an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She studied Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) at the University of Chester, has a Diploma in Counselling amongst other Counselling qualifications, completed ASIST training in 2013 (applied suicide intervention training) provided by PAPYRUS (parent association for the prevention of young suicide) and qualified November 2017 with an Advanced Hypnotherapist Diploma at the Academy Of Holistic Hypnotherapy. Sharon has 16 years’ experience as a practitioner, working for the N.H.S., providing welfare support in Primary, Secondary and Further education, and local businesses. Sharon is also a BUPA listed consultant.  She has worked extensively in the voluntary sector for Home-start, Child Talk, the Samaritans, Rape Crisis and Bereavement Care.

Sharon is a member of the Mental Health Foundation, she believes each individual’s mental health must be given the same priority as their physical health needs. Sharon is passionate about providing a warm and friendly atmosphere for therapy and de-mystify the counselling experience. Her “humane” approach is focused on solutions. She is a dedicated practitioner renowned for her ability to connect with “hard to reach” clients. Sharon specialises in Anxiety, Depression, panic attacks, phobias Child Play Therapy (O.A Dip), Family Therapy and bereavement but is also qualified and able to offer a range of therapies to suit individual needs.She is a sought after practitioner who believes every situation has a solution.  Her reputation alone accounts for all her referrals.

She is considered to have a natural ability to connect with an audience and has presentation and interpersonal skills, developed through experience from a previous career in entertainment.   

Many of us recognize the importance of wellbeing, but it is easy to get caught up in our busy schedules to the neglect of some of our basic human needs.The purpose of Therapy is to inspire you to live healthier lives and to make sustainable Wellbeing Choices. To own your future and realise your true potential.

Sharon Gallagher Easy Counselling

Sharon Jane Gallagher
Tel: 07825 288 399

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